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Tue Oct 24 11:02:08 CDT 2006

I missed the earliest part of the thread here, but from what I see it 
seems that someone criticized a vendor on the Histonet and then was 
reprimanded by his boss for doing so after the vendor complained.  Now, 
everyone wants to ban vendors from the Histonet.  I am a vendor and I 
belong to many listservers.  End users seem to have a very skewed view 
of what a vendor is and what motivates us.  My main business is not 
histology, although we do offer some products for the industry.  Yes, 
companies are in business to make money.  No question.  To say that 
patient care is not even on their radar screen is ridiculous.  If the 
customer's need is to improve patient care, then that is what a vendor 
is striving for.  Vendors make money by supplying what customers want.  
If you want tools for better patient care, then that is what we 
provide.  If your needs change, then our products change.  We respond to 
your needs.  If, as you say, patient care is not even on the vendor 
radar screen, then that probably means that customers have not made that 
a high priority in what they say they need.  Vendors do not make money 
by producing ineffective products that customers don't want.  The best 
way to ensure that customers get what they need and vendors produce 
products to meet those needs is to have an open forum where these issues 
can be freely discussed.  That requires interchange between end users 
and vendors. 

Yes, there should be limitations - vendors should not overtly market 
their products on the Histonet.  They should respond to postings with 
viable solutions - even if they involve their own products.  Vendors 
should not use this as a forum to denigrate their competition.  By the 
same token, end users should not use this as a forum to air their 
grievances about a product or a manufacturer.  A single negative comment 
about a vendor or his product could have a devastating effect on their 
business.  Perhaps your complaints are justified, but there are better 
ways to go about having your concerns heard.  Any credible vendor would 
love to hear from you if you are having a problem with one of their 
products.  Unfortunately, most customers do not contact the company.  
Sometimes when they do contact a company they reach the wrong person and 
do not get a satisfactory response.  I can understand the frustration.  
However, sharing your frustration in such a public forum is not right.  
Just as it would not be right for you to criticize one of your 
colleagues on the Histonet. 

There are always the few that think vendors are their enemies and think 
that they are solely motivated by greed.  The reality is that vendors 
and end users are in this together.  The people that figure that out 
early on are generally the most successful and the one who actually 
drive the development of new products, new techniques and make 
significant strides in their field.  To ban vendors from your site would 
be regrettable and counterproductive.

The listserver should be used for a free exchange of ideas and not as a 
venue for criticism.  Praise in public, criticize in private.

Can't we all just get along?

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Rene J Buesa wrote:

>Because they are, essentially, in the business of making money; patient care is usually not even in their "radar screen"!
>  René J.
>Andrea Grantham <algranth <@t> u.arizona.edu> wrote:
>  It happened to me also - maybe this happens more than we think???
>I was chastised by a vendor when I asked if anybody else was experiencing a 
>certain phenomenon with one of their products. He told me that I should 
>have gone to them instead of asking my question on histonet. Well, I did 
>and really didn't get any help from them when I did this before going to 
>histonet. Instead they were trying to tell me to change my technique. I 
>don't know about you, but after you do something one way for 25 or more 
>years it would seem that it wouldn't be the technique - or not usually. 
>Long story short, we danced around this problem until somebody finally told 
>me they had a bad batch of base "product" that went into certain lots. 
>Bingo! Thank God for the brave soul that finally admitted that the company 
>did have a problem but why couldn't they admit it weeks sooner and save me 
>the grief that I had with my tissues?
>By the way, there were others out in histoland having the same problem. 
>Hope they got it fixed too.
>At 10:03 AM 10/23/2006 -0700, Erin.Wrona <@t> kp.org wrote:
>>Amos wrote: "This happened to me before too. A vendor that will remain 
>>(that almost everyone has some equipment sold to them by these people)
>>issue with my stating that we were having trouble with an expensive item
>>they sold us when someone asked about this item on the Histonet."
>>I am sorry to say that this happened to me as well at a previous job.
>>Since then I am always VERY careful about what I say (not much after the
>>incident) about any product. It's sad but sales reps seem to be rather
>>aggressive in acting to silence criticism of their (extremely expensive)
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