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Mon Oct 23 14:59:54 CDT 2006

   Subject: [Histonet] Vendors Strong ArmTactics 
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         This sadly is NOT an unusual situation. You'll notice if you have
    asked a question here that you will get a lot of private messages sent 
    directly to you not to the list in general. This is usually because they

    have been threatened in one way or another by a company over an opinion
    have shared. 
    ***************Amos, I agree with you. I've asked several questions that

    were answered via private email.  I always wondered why....but I guess
    is reason enough.  It's sad that we are supposed to learn and grow from
    list and because of what happened with Joe, information isn't being 
    I wonder why the vendor has nothing to say. 
    Amy Senn 

- Ignored: 
    ps--good to hear from you Amos :) 

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