[Histonet] Goodbye Joe and other thoughts

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Very well said and understood.  I think a large number of us work 
under the same feelings and restraints unfortunately. Speaking freely 
is not acceptable unless you are making nice, nice.  Joe has always 
strong opinions and to date had not been afraid to discuss them and 
most importantly he is more often right and alone in speaking out 
loud in public.

Hope to see you sometime in the future.

Pam Marcum

At 09:11 AM 10/23/2006, Hofecker, Jennifer L wrote:
>I tried to stay quiet, but after two days of contemplation, I must 
>"chime" in.  First, I hope that it really isn't Good bye to Joe.  I 
>personally appreciate his humor, honesty and vast array of 
>knowledge.  He has helped me out on many occasions in the past.
>As for the flaming that one encounters on this list... I have (since 
>my initiation into the flamed club) always tried to refrain from 
>anything that could be taken as an inflammatory comment.  It's not 
>just vendors that are doing the flaming and causing trouble with 
>employers.  Most of the negativity that I have received has been by 
>private list members.  I would think that a forum such as ours can 
>only successfully exist if we can exchange positive and negative 
>views on topics.  I admit, if I am going to post a positive 
>endorsement for a product, I'll post to the general list.  If I have 
>a negative opinion (not often, if you know me) I will usually 
>respond in private to the person who posted the query.  Self 
>preservation, I guess...
>I definitely think that going around behind people's backs to their 
>bosses is not a good idea.  I would; however, like to remind 
>everyone that our vendor companies can also be a vehicle for 
>tremendous good.   They help out on the state, regional, and 
>national levels with so many things that we may not even 
>realize.  It's very easy to get caught up in the negativity, but I 
>did want to interject a little "ray of sunshine".
>I hope that Joe will come back to the list and I hope that those 
>(vendors and others) who feel they must try to cause trouble over an 
>opinion, will take a vacation, go to the spa, hibernate, or do 
>something else to relieve their stress.  As for me, I'll continue to 
>tread lightly with my posts.  Hopefully, I haven't angered anyone today.
>Have a great week,
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