[Histonet] Vendors beware

cynthia haynes naje1972 <@t> yahoo.com
Sat Oct 21 15:58:29 CDT 2006

Here is my 2 cents. If any vendor ever did that type
of thing to me or any of my colleagues will never use
any product or bi product of theirs So help me GOD. I
am a small private laboratory. The customer is my
boss. If said customer is dissatisfied with any of my
products or services it is up to me the owner of the
company to satisfy them or give them their money back.
I think the company in question is underhanded and I
for one will not buy or support their products or
bi-products. If this company can afford to lose
customers well more power to them. I am peeved.
Cynthia Haynes

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