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> I heard from a reliable source that Danaher has made a larger bid for
> Vision, not sure Ventana is in the running anymore to buy Vision.
> Patsy

Yes, that's correct.  It's not a "done deal" just yet, but the latest is that 
Danaher has made an offer, and Vision's board has unanimously made a 
recommendation that Danaher's offer be accepted.

Danaher and Ventana had discussed a joint purchase of Vision, but that deal 
fell through.  At that point, Ventana decided to reactivate their lawsuit 
against Vision.

Some of you might remember that Danaher is the group that recently purchased 
Leica Microsystems.  If the deal goes through, they'll also own Vision.

You can read the press releases at Danaher's website:



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