[Histonet] Controls for nickel enhanced DAB

nienhuis <@t> ucla.edu nienhuis <@t> ucla.edu
Tue Oct 17 16:31:41 CDT 2006

Is leaving out the primary antibody an adequate control for
nickel enhanced DAB IHC?

I'm staining for receptors in mouse CNS, and don't see any staining in 
control sections and some diffuse staining of varying intensity in the 
experimental tissue. Is All the darker stuff specific staining?
Of course I see some stained cells and processes too.

Looking to do some quantative IHC on the tissue and
this is a new area for me. Can anyone point out some possible
pitfalls that I might run into in this endeavor?

Bob Nienhuis
Neurobiology Research
UCLA / VA Medical Center
Los Angeles

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