[Histonet] Damon/IEC minotome

Julia Taylor TaylorJA <@t> missouri.edu
Fri Oct 13 11:00:19 CDT 2006

I was wondering if anybody has experience with the IEC 3398 minotome.  
Our multiple-user cryostat is down for repair, and we've been loaned 
one of these as a substitute.  It has been sitting untouched for 
several years, and has no blades or manual.  We're trying to determine 
a) what kind of blades to use and b) where to obtain them.  Disposable 
blades would be preferable (based on both cost and the mulit-user 
issue).  If anyone can tell me either of these things (and/or even give 
us practical hints on its use, since it's not at all like the departed 
Leica Frigocut cryostat)) I'd very much appreciate it.
Thanks -JT.

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