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The Certification Management Program has been created for those certified AFTER January 2004, meaning that those certified before have been "grandfathered" from this new requirement!
  René J.

Patsy Ruegg <pruegg <@t> ihctech.net> wrote:
  You do not have to pay dues to ASCP to stay registered as an HT. The one
time exam and certification is for life. Once you are certified by ASCP you
can always call yourself an HT. They have initiated a continuing education
requirement for those new HT's taking their certification, now you must
submit proof of CEU's to maintain your certification.

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Not only how many are paying their dues, but how many are already DEAD or
Remember that those figures go back to certifications from 1948 (HT) and
1980 (HTL).
I for one am retired (one HTL less from the count!).
René J.

Dolores Townsend wrote:
The number given for ASCP registered HT and HTL seems awfully low to
me. So, another thing to consider: of those ASCP registered, how many are
actually paying their dues to the ASCP and counted in the total? If only
half of all HTs and HTLs are counted, that brings the numbers even higher.
Going back to experience vs. certification, I worked for a small hospital
and was HT, ASCP but some snotty MT once told me that we were not "real"
techs. What is that suppose to mean? I'd like to see her do my job any day
and see how she would get along...


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