[Histonet] Histotechs: how many are we nationwide?

Rene J Buesa rjbuesa <@t> yahoo.com
Fri Oct 6 09:23:37 CDT 2006

  You are so right! This is one of those "AHA!" issues: you have somebody doing a great job, efficiently and highly productive that has been paid not enough "in comparison", so why "bother" to push that fellow to get certified?
  To pay him or her MORE? No way! That will go against the "bottom line".
  At this moment there are fewer histology schools than ever and, although there are 23 "on line programs", certified schools at college level are on 11 in 9 States.
  I agree with you and all those who have the same "gut feeling": we are more than 49,000!
  Thank you for your imput!
  René J.

Dolores Townsend <TownsendD <@t> childrensdayton.org> wrote:
      Hello, Rene
  I think 49,000 is on the low side. The first lab I worked for (I was not certified yet) had 15 techs, with only one certified. It was a derm lab. There are many private labs to consider, reference or otherwise, doing only Histology and employing mostly non-certified techs so they don't have to pay them as much. 
  I think you are right when you consider non-certified to be part of the count: I have worked with many of them who were better than a lot of certified HTs. It's all a question of experience. Besides, there are so very few Histology programs that it is difficult to learn anywhere but on the job.

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