[Histonet] Leica cm1510 problem/question

Debbie Keith debbiekeith <@t> cox.net
Thu Nov 30 10:32:42 CST 2006


i use a Leica 1510 in a busy Mohs practice... and have been experiencing a 
problem with advancement/retraction.  apparently, this model has something 
of a design flaw. (the wiring to the advance/retract button is "too long" 
and is subject to shorts)

you can't turn the wheel faster than a really old man walks.  if you 
DO,  the chuck doesn't advance at the right micron. in order to return the 
stupid thing to "normal" you have to completely advance/retract the chuck. 
it's like re-setting the thing.

i'm pretty sure big tissue also causes some advancement-integrity 
issues.  (again, re-set by advance/retraction).

in the past i THOUGHT i had fixed it by tightening "this or that"... but 
after much thought/reflection/self-flagellation... i have realized that the 
tightening of "this or that"  CAUSED me to adjust the chuck 
advance/retraction... therefore, re-setting the stupid thing.  so, the 
tightening wasn't the fix it was WHAT the tightening CAUSED that fixed 
it.  (can you feel my eyes rolling??)

i don't know WHY wheel rotation speed would effect advancement.  if it were 
electrical (the recently replaced wire) then the mechanical bits shouldn't 
effect it.

i posed the conundrum to the local aerospace engineer (my hubby)... and he 
said that it SOUNDS like there are "gears" that interconnect that are 
"wearing".  he said gears have a built-in "lash". (meaning gears don't fit 
perfectly). over time the lash gets greater and greater... and something 
like increased speed would make the lash more pronounced  so, where two 
gears USED be slightly and meeting on one side... they are now meeting at a 
totally unlikely spot and it throws off performance and requires a re-tare 
of sorts.

if you didn't flippin' glaze over during that last paragraph...  it sorta 
makes sense. :)

so i have TWO questions...  one, is anyone else having this problem or have 
had it successfully diagnosed? and TWO...  what cryostat would you 
recommend for heavy use?

i've used the leica 1800 and 1850 and they seem to be  the lab 
work-horse.  the 1510... is more like the lab miniature pony (with which 
you can pull a small cart for fun... but not far). :)

thanks in advance!  :)

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