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Hello Histonetters:


I am in the process of rewriting procedure manuals that are so outdated,
some procedures were written before I was born!  Anyway, an help with
the following questions would be greatly appreciated.  I am looking for
electronic files, preferably in WORD that can be emailed to me.


CAP  Checklist 


ANP.11620   Phase II


Are the types of specimens examined and the extent of the examination
performed by a non-pathologist clearly defined in a documented policy or


Anp.11630  Phase II


Is the nature of the pathologist supervision (direct vs. indirect)
clearly documented for each type of specimen grossly examined by a



How do we go about this?  Do any of you have
checklists/protocols/policies?  What exactly does CAP want?  Please



Thank You!

Jason E. Wiese

VAROS Pathology


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