[Histonet] re: macrophages/microglia in FFPE tissue

Carl Hobbs carl.hobbs <@t> kcl.ac.uk
Tue Nov 28 15:01:16 CST 2006

Hi Zach.
Perhaps you need to try heat-induced epitope retrieval/unmasking on you pwax 
I have tried an OX-42 Ab reagent on FFPW sections after the above with 
negative results. ( and tried various proteolytic enzmes). The only 
excellent result , for me, was after HIER on pwax rat brain, using an 
anti-phosphotyrosine Ab reagent. See here for your evaluation; 
http://www.immunoportal.com/index.php Go to Image gallery and use search box 
"phosphotyrosine". No guarantees for your species, of course.
Good luck.

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