[Histonet] Lectins and epithelial cross-reactivity

Milne, Katy kmilne <@t> bccancer.bc.ca
Tue Nov 28 12:14:49 CST 2006

Hi all, 

I was wondering, speaking of lectins, if anyone has experience using a
biotinylated lectin in FFPE mouse tumor tissue (not following perfusion,
just routine sectioning) to look at angiogenesis within the tumor.  I
understand that there could be some cross-reactivity to the epithelial
cells which for us would be a bit of a problem as our tumors are pretty
solid.  Has anyone seen the problem and how bad is it?  I'm getting
tired of trying to get CD31 and CD34 to behave nicely in our FFPE tumors
but I need to be able to see the tumor vasculature.



Katy Milne

Deeley Reseach Centre,

BC Cancer Agency,

Victoria BC

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