[Histonet] automated immuno stainer

Larry Woody slappycraw <@t> yahoo.com
Mon Nov 27 11:57:25 CST 2006

The Dako and the Nemisis are both made by Lab Vision which makes a 36,48, and 84 slide capacity machine. The Nemisis is distributed by biocare but not for too much longer because they no longer have the rights to it because of Thermo-Shandon buying out Fisher who bought out Lab Vision. Now if you can follow that then it comes down to a closed system or an open one but biocre does not make an IHC stainer and Dako does but it's called the Eridan and it has a lot of bugs in it at the present time but has the potential to be a great instrument when it gets worked out. The Lab Vision platform which is distributed by Dako(48) and Lab Vision (36) and (84) are the open systems. Biocare claims that when they run out of the platform that they have they will replace it with a machine that they are going to build. Ventana is the closed system. There are a few others but it does really come down to open and closed and service. I personally like the open system but the closed system has
 it's niche as well.
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