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Stainers are a matter of preference and what you want to be able to do with them.  The Ventanna is great if you just want to cut the slide and go bevcause it will do everything for you on-line, but it is a closed system.  Dako is an open system which gives you more control, but it only can do 48 slides at a time and by the time you get your positives, negatives and patients on you may have to do 2 runs (or get 2 machines).  Biocare has a IHC stainer, the Nemesis, that is just like the DAKO but can handle 84 slides at a time, this is the one I currently am using.
I have used all 3 and they all work fine, but for volume, consistancy, and the ability to do triple stains and cocktails and such, the Nemesis was my chouice and have been extrememly pleased. 
Please no hate mail....these views are only my opinion and I represent no individual vendor, as I said I have used all of them and they all work.
Roxanne Soto HT(QIHC)
Lab Manager
Physicians RightPath
Tampa, Florida
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Hello all! I hope everyone enjoyed their breif repreive from stress. I was 
wondering if anyone could give me some input on automated stainers for 
immunohistochemistry. Currently we hand stain and our volumes are steadily 
increasing. We are looking at automation as we probably do up to 12-15 stains 
per day and plan on starting ER and PR. I heard Vantana is very good. How about 
Leica?  (Theirs does both immunos and ordianry special stains.) Anyone have any 
experience they would like to share? We are an Ascension Health affiliated 
hospital as that may matter in the negotiations. Thanks for any and all 
Christine Tambasco, HT (ASCP)
St. Mary's Hospital 
Amsterdam, New York 12010
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