[Histonet] need a protocol for whole rat brain tissue processing

Janice Ho jysho <@t> hkusua.hku.hk
Sun Nov 26 01:38:42 CST 2006


I have some sample of rat brain which is not perfused with any fixitive before.
The tissue is profixed in 4% paraformaldehyde for a week and then processed for
paraffin section. But when the section is cut, it expands and breaks when float
in water. Does anyone know why this happen and can give suggestion for the
protocol? I also have rat brain when received 4% PFA perfucion before dissected
out. These whole rat brain is profixed in fixitive overnight and then
dehydrated with alcohol, again, after xylene and wex embedding, it breaks up
when cut into 8 micron section. Does anyone can give me some suggestions on the
protocol? Thanks a lot.

Janice Ho
University of Hong Kong

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