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Thanks Gayle, you are always so helpful, but the one I needed was
workshop #39.  Did anyone get these?  It was only Keith's half that
didn't come out, I emailed him a couple of months ago, I may have to do
it again..


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The CD is what you would have gotten in the older style 3 ring 
binder.  Handouts to half day or full day workshops have never been 
included in that NSH Symposium/Convention binder.  Scientific seminar 
handouts have always been in the binder. That is what I understood was 
going on with this new CD.  So if your class was a WORKSHOP instead of a

scientific session,  then the handout is not part of that CD.  Oh dear,
repeating myself - late in the day.

Workshop handouts remain exclusive for those paying for the workshops
though the workshop abstracts are always accessible, as found on the NSH

website and in the convention brochure, binder or CD for selection 

If you have not received a workshop handout or a proper one that is 
readable, contact the NSH office to get the handout you have paid for.
you are desparate, you could also ask the workshop director for a 
copy.  Unfortunately, this also happened in my portion of workshop #40
there was failure to have a printed handout for whatever reason, 
lost?  Shipping error?  What attendees ended up receiving was a 6 slide
page powerpoint handout that no one could read because of a last minute 
copying effort 3 hours before the workshop.  It was a tough day, but NSH

graciously promised attendees would receive the REAL handout, although 
after the fact.

A word to the wise for those giving workshops in the future - provide a
of your handout!!!!  This is allowed and if the presentation is jam
with information, a nice way for attendees to see better color photos
study at their leisure.

If anyone is looking in and never received part 2 of Workshop #40, let
know, I will send the CD to them.  It will be better than a black and
handout anyway.

At 03:50 PM 11/20/2006, you wrote:
>I just got my CD from the NSH meeting in Phoenix.  The cover letter
>that it contains (among other useful information) seminar handouts.  I
>was glad, as one of my classes didn't have 1/2 of their handouts ready,
>and I have not gotten it.  However, I can't find the handouts on the
>only the workshop abstracts.  Did anyone else have this problem?
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