[Histonet] EnVision Kits

Bobrowitz, Carol carolb <@t> phys.mcw.edu
Fri Nov 17 12:18:01 CST 2006



I have a researcher who wants to do ER staining using the EnVision Plus
HRP system.


She will be using a monoclonal and a polyclonal primary antibody.


I have read the EnVision specification sheet and understand its made in


I have been told that staining on human breast tissue is very good.


My question:  Is the EnVision  system compatible with RAT Tissue, breast


Years ago I had difficulty getting good IHC staining on rat tissue using

I switched to using the Rat Kit and had much better results.


Any comments or help will be greatly appreciated.  


Thank you in advance.


Carol Ann Bobrowitz

Medical College of Wisconsin

Physiology Department

cbobrowi <@t> mcw.edu  

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