[Histonet] IHC turn around times

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Potassium Ferrocyanide, in its non-anhydrous form, is as a trihydrate.

The formula for your salt should be :K4Fe(CN)6.3H2O.

The dot between the (CN)6 and the 3H2O simply means that there are 3 "waters of hydration" in the stable salt.


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   Does  any  one  use  potassium  ferrocinide  (miss  spell ) sorry with
   trihydrate in it

    or jsut PF

    Olease let me  know


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     >Hello,  we  currently  do  150-200 IHC stains/day on two automated
     (Ventana) systems. Our bench also supports any deeper H&E requests,
     as well as manual & automated special stains.
     >We have 1 tech working a 7.5 hr day. We have in the past been able
     to  provide  a 1 day TAT, but are finding it very difficult to keep
     up with the workload etc.
     >So,  we  were  wondering  what  other  hospitals TAT for their IHC
     stains are????
     >Thanks in advance for any info you might provide.
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