[Histonet] aquaporin 4

Olek Michalski olek.michalski <@t> nencki.gov.pl
Tue Nov 14 09:12:11 CST 2006

Hello Histonetters,

I'm starting immuno for aquaporin 4 with Chemicon anti synthetic peptide  
(AB3068). After reading some papers describing use of this antibody it  
seems to me that it's fairly termolabile. Has anybody working protocol for  
this? Any advice is wellcome.

Best regards
Olek Michalski

PS. Since the only secondary ab that fits my needs is produced in donkey  
and I don't have donkey serum I'm going to use horse serum. My coleague  
told me this works for some other stainings. Do you consider it really bad  

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