[Histonet] New Bone by Von Kossa Van Giesen and UV light?

mwstarbu <@t> mdanderson.org mwstarbu <@t> mdanderson.org
Mon Nov 13 11:59:00 CST 2006


I am hoping someone can help me with this.  I'm trying to determine If I'm 
looking at new bone.  I have performed a Von Kossa/Van Giesen stain on 
undecalcified calvaria sections.  By using UV light with a TRITC filter, 
mineralized (black) areas become translucent or fluoresce.  I'm not quite 
sure how to describe it.  I have posted 3 pictures to demonstrate.

no-uv.tif : 

Shows the calvaria under bright field with TRITC filter.  You can see all 
the mineralized bone stained black.


 Shows the same image above but with UV light and the TRITC filter.  I 
have drawn a green linr on the image to show where the mineralized bone 
extends  when you are not using UV and the filter.


Shows the same image above but with the UV ligh at half shutter.  the left 
half of the image shows the translucent area at the edge  while the right 
side without UV shows where the mineralized region extends. 

If somone could please help me determine what I'm really looking at I 
would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance,

Mike Starbuck

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