[Histonet] alpha gal or gsib4 lectin staining in porcine tissue

Liz Chlipala liz <@t> premierlab.com
Fri Nov 10 16:52:44 CST 2006

Hello everyone


Does anyone have any experience in staining for alpha gal in FFPE porcine
tissues.  There is a protocol on IHC world and we have run some initial
tests on this, and we seem to be getting staining in the endothelial cells,
serum and a few other positive cells here and there.  Initially the client
was thinking that we should have more staining.  We are using Axxora's
antibody and have ran dilutions from 1:100 to 1:800 (pH 9 retreival) and
they all look about the same and we are really not getting any background
staining so we were concerned if our sensitivity was o.k.  I've done
numerous internet searches and have not come up with much and also a bit a
searching on the gsib4 staining which you can get from vector labs catalog
FT1201, the description for this antibody tells me that it stains
endothelial cells, so I believe that I'm on the right tract and that my
staining pattern is correct, but any help would be appreciated.


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