[Histonet] Zen and the art of Histo excellence maintainance....

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Fri Nov 10 15:39:41 CST 2006

At 08:28 PM 11/10/2006 +0000, you wrote:

>By Pirsig....to paraphrase ;-)
>Reminds me of all things Histo:  just having read all the Motorbikin' stuff.
>Loads of continual fine-tuning; some machines work better than others ;-)
>Let's just make sure we have petrol in our tanks......
>NB: every time I use BSA in my immunobuffers, I fondly remember the 
>OIL-Leaking BSA/Triumphs/

triumphs no longer leak oil....  (how offensive)...  but they do install 
faulty bits in the fuel line, so occasionally they will spew gas on the 
garage floor (before the 1000 mile tune-up). don't ask me how i know.  ;)


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