[Histonet] Re: Cut resistant gloves

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Thu Nov 9 22:23:44 CST 2006

Kemlo Rogerson advises us to get Kevlar (aramid) gloves at >>Motorbike shops; 
I've got some. Really kewl looking.<< (Kemlo's in the UK.)

I went to the nearest Harley Davidson shop, looked at some really remarkable 
Hawg donorcycles, and was referred to a remarkably seamy military supply shop 
(see greenmilitary.com) where I found numerous styles of Kevlar gloves to 
protect the dorsal surfaces of the hands (don't ask). I then looked up >>kevlar 
gloves<< in Google and found that you can indeed get all-Kevlar gloves, even 
from Fisher Scientific. It's odd there's been so little interest in them.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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