[Histonet] Special Stain "Storage"

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Hmmmm . . . .I have the opposite problem.   Every once in awhile, one of 
my kids will call me from the kitchen and ask, "Mom - are these green pork 
chops in the refrigerator still good?"

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RE: [Histonet] Special Stain "Storage"

I must have OCD - I put the date of purchase on my spices and other things 

like coffee and tea that are in the pantry and on baggies of fruit and 
veggies and meat in the freezer. I also have boxes of like things in the 
refrigerator and pantry. My grandmother used to do this and she wasn't 
a histotech!


At 01:11 PM 11/9/2006 -0500, Terri  Braud wrote:
>Just remember, you can't spell "analysis" without "anal" !!!!
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>Hm. Are histotech anal-retentive?
>Is anal-retentive spelled with a hyphen or not?
> >Terri & Shirley!
> >
> >I've been away from histonet for a while...  i sort of "retired" a
> >few years ago to be a stay-at-home mom. WOW!  histology is so much
> >easier than that job!!!  :)
> >
> >i'm back a few days a week, now... and i guess i didn't realize how
> >much i missed it.  the stay-at-home gig made me a little crazy(er).
> >
> >i truly believe my histo experience sort of bled into my
> >stay-at-home life... and made it much more organized.  i have all
> >sorts of histo-inspired organization in my house. (my kids have
> >boxes that would rival your best special stain storage) and anyone
> >old enough has a daily maintenance log. :)  people that have seen
> >it... think it's bizarre but my house is always about 15 minutes
> >from being "mother-in-law-is-making-a-surprise-visit" ready!)
> >
> >one wonders... are most histotechs obsessive-compulsive as a RESULT
> >of histo... OR did the OCD DRAW you TO histo.  it's the age-old
> >question...  chicken or egg....  histo or OCD.
> >
> >:)
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