[Histonet] Off topic - Friday hate story

Stephen Peters M.D. petepath <@t> yahoo.com
Thu Nov 9 12:57:13 CST 2006

I loved Dr Terry's story. Here is one to match. 
  True story.
  A number of years back I was asked by one of our oncologists to review a case of an 
  elderly woman who had been treated for high stage esophogeal carcinoma
   9 years earlier. Given the theraputic responses of the day with her stage disease 
  she was expected to have a very poor outcome. Nine years later she was still free 
  of disease. The oncologist suspecting something might be wrong with the original interpretation wanted me to see if there was a mistake which could explain why she was
   still alive. There was no error. He mentioned to the patient that he was very surprised at
   her unusually good outcome and asked her if she had any explanation. She responded
   " I turned the hatred for my husband against the tumor"
  It is amazing the effect we can have on women!

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