[Histonet] Special Stain "Storage"

Philip Oshel oshel1pe <@t> cmich.edu
Thu Nov 9 11:43:14 CST 2006

Hm. Are histotech anal-retentive?
Is anal-retentive spelled with a hyphen or not?

>Terri & Shirley!
>I've been away from histonet for a while...  i sort of "retired" a 
>few years ago to be a stay-at-home mom. WOW!  histology is so much 
>easier than that job!!!  :)
>i'm back a few days a week, now... and i guess i didn't realize how 
>much i missed it.  the stay-at-home gig made me a little crazy(er).
>i truly believe my histo experience sort of bled into my 
>stay-at-home life... and made it much more organized.  i have all 
>sorts of histo-inspired organization in my house. (my kids have 
>boxes that would rival your best special stain storage) and anyone 
>old enough has a daily maintenance log. :)  people that have seen 
>it... think it's bizarre but my house is always about 15 minutes 
>from being "mother-in-law-is-making-a-surprise-visit" ready!)
>one wonders... are most histotechs obsessive-compulsive as a RESULT 
>of histo... OR did the OCD DRAW you TO histo.  it's the age-old 
>question...  chicken or egg....  histo or OCD.
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