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In the past, I've used the cheap plastic shoe boxes available at almost any dollar store.  They're a nice standard size, (throw the lids away).  In one lab where I was mgr, the special stains supervisor took the idea a step further, and had a box for each stain offered.  It had all the room temp reagents,  PLUS an index card with a shortened "quick" procedure, including a list of the frozen or refrigerated reagents needed, PLUS the control slides for that stain.  She is now long retired, but she had some awsome ideas!  
Is it Friday yet?
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Subject: [Histonet] Special Stain "Storage"
Someone out there has a clever idea and I'd like to tap that ingenuity.
I have an overhead cabinet where I keep my special stains that don't
require refrigeration. I'd like to keep each stain set together on the
shelf - like in some kind of box.  What do you use? One thing that comes
to mind is sturdy plastic boxes that Lenscrafters, etc., use - roughly
9x6x3" (I've offered to take any extras but they are very fond of them
and won't give 'em up!).  Anyway, what do you use that keeps all the
bottles together on the shelf?  I'd love to have your input and I'll put
you in my memoirs.

Sally Breeden, HT(ASCP)

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Veterinary Diagnostic Services

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