[Histonet] H&E staining protocol for mouse liver cryosections

Lim, Arlene Arlene.Lim <@t> umassmed.edu
Thu Nov 9 10:31:40 CST 2006


I am doing H&E staining on fixed mouse liver cryosections and I can't
seem to get a decent section.  After staining with H&E, there seems to
be air pockets between cells and the cells appear overdried.  Someone
suggested that I immerse the slides in formalin immediately after
sectioning and when I did that, my sections floated away (I am using
Superfrost plus slides).  Also tried it in 95% ethanol and I still lost
my samples.  Air drying for about 10 minutes prevented the sections from
floating but then my sections get "cracked".  It seems that I get small
pockets or cracks as soon as the sections get transferred onto the
slides and they become bigger during processing. 

I appreciate any help you can throw my way. Thanks!


University of Massachusetts
Worcester, MA

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