[Histonet] Learning histology

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Wed Nov 1 15:04:02 CST 2006

 Jennifer Sipes asks about learning histology.
Its not like attending a formal course but you can always sit down with a set of slides and a copy of Ham's Histology and Sheehan (second edition) and just work your way through the book. It really works! Your Anatomy Department (or whatever they call themselves now) can probably lend you a set of slides the freshman medical students have used in the past. Medical schools are getting away from slide sets now in favor of Internet based images but for histotechnologists it is invaluable to spend the time to look at the tissues under the microscope, and, having studied the structure, Sheehans book will tell you the special stains available to demonstrate the different structures.
Good luck!
Mike Titford
USA Pathology
Mobile AL USA
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