[Histonet] Leica TP1020

Ian Montgomery ian.montgomery <@t> bio.gla.ac.uk
Wed Nov 1 03:47:41 CST 2006

    After years hand processing I've finally got myself a Leica TP1020. But,
I'm having a few teething problems and with the work piling up the problems
are weighing heavily on my shoulders. Processing schedules, any hints and
tips? I've Googled and searched the Histonet archive but without much
success. The two major projects I have at the moment are salmon muscle and
mouse brain. I've tried several schedules but the results are, **###*@@**,
less than satisfactory.
    Any rapid fixes or is it back to the trusted hand processing and work
out the TP1020 processing by trial and error.

Dr. Ian Montgomery,
IBLS Support Services,
Thomson Building,
University of Glasgow,
Extn: 8511.

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