[Histonet] Immunofluorscence staining on vibrotome sections

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Fri Mar 31 13:30:36 CST 2006

hallo everyone,

 I am doing Immunofluorscence staining on vibrotome sections.My problems are:

 (1) How to premeablize the tissues? I used 130 um sections from lymph node and embedded in argarose.I tried 0.3% triton or high concentraion of triton x100.But it did not work so well. I also tried with ethanol method.

(2) How can I do antigen retrival on these sections? otherwise I can only use polyclonal or some monoclonal antibodies?

(3) any suggestion about the incubation time ? Normally I incubated on a shaking table at 4°C overnight.


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