[Histonet] Re: Help with the Histonet, please help!

Mon Mar 27 08:42:34 CST 2006

Dear John ( and other Histonetters please take note):

The reason your email did not go through the Histonet system out to the membership is that your email address on the list of subscribers differs from the address you sent your message from. The server will only send messages out from members whose address matches EXACTLY the one on the list. In your case John, the address on the list is .. <@t> med.va.gov and not .. <@t> va.gov as your message below shows. We block all mail from addresses not on our subscriber list to stop as much spam as possible  (I clear out a lot of spam every day from the held mail). Anyway, to fix this you need to subscribe the new address to the list. If your email system randomly uses both addresses you can subscribe both but block the mail coming to you from one address so you don't get duplicate mail every day. Go to http://lists.utsouthwestern.edu/mailman/listinfo/histonet 
to change your address. Sorry it took a couple of days to respond. I am the only one who administers this list on a daily basis and I was out of town.
 Linda M
Histonet  administrator

>>> "Thweatt, John T" <John.Thweatt <@t> va.gov> 03/23/06 10:14 AM >>>
Dear Histonet,
      I am having a little trouble of a technical nature that I am
wondering if you could look into. The service is great and the response
to questions is sometimes overwhelming.
      Recently my supervisor had a question that he wanted me to inquire
about and naturally I turned to the histonet for assistance as it is a
wonderful resource for us in this field. But when I sent in my inquiry,
I received this strange message about "my inquiry is being reviewed by a
moderator as I am a `non` member" What is that all about? I had not seen
that before. Is this a new layer or something? I had been under the
impression that I was a member of the group and I can post and messages
would go through without this extra step. Can someone tell me what is
going on? And what must I do to get my status back to the way it was
when I can post without any issues? I would not post anything that is
negative, derogatory or inflammatory to any of the members, so I cannot
understand what has happened. I just need some help and maybe some
answers. Your help is appreciated.


Tom Thweatt, HT (ASCP)
Amarillo VA Health Care System
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service
Anatomical Pathology
6010 Amarillo Boulevard West
Amarillo, TX   79106
806-355-9703 x 7071 fax 806-354-7865
 <<Thweatt, John T.vcf>> 

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