[Histonet] Apology

Joe Nocito jnocito <@t> satx.rr.com
Sun Mar 26 06:17:06 CST 2006

    I apologize for using improper language in my first posting of venting the flame cabinets posted last week. I've been preparing my lab for a move into a new location, plus studying for my Pathologist Assistant's exam. Working long hours and studying has lowered my professionalism and has stained my reputation. 
    I hope you all can find it in your hearts and minds to forgive me. I have unintentionally offended some people due to fatigue. My defenses were down. I have learned my lesson. In the future I will not post anything to the Histonet when I am in the condition I am currently in. Thank you.

Histology Manager
Pathology Reference Lab
San Antonio, TX

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