[Histonet] Training med techs - some candid comments - PART II

Mike Kirby mike.kirby <@t> nhls.ac.za
Fri Mar 24 05:41:41 CST 2006

Honourable Histologists.

It is possible that I've misinterpreted Ms Orr's statements, and was overly sensitive, but for those who've been on the Net for some time will remember a similar fight about two years ago, when one of the subscribers brought up the same subject, and cast serious aspersions about us MT's and our alleged "inability" to be trained in Histopath techniques.

I have no less respect for you than any other of the disciplines in the Med Tech world. I just get annoyed when one discipline bad mouths another (Inadvertently it would appear in Ms Orr's case). Lets call it a draw and leave it there.

Oh, and Mr. Morken, for the record, I have cut frozen sections while the Path & surgeon were fulminating over my shoulder, and I might add, on one of those old fashioned sledge type microtomes that clamped on the bench or table and was attached to a cylinder of CO2 gas, which was used to freeze the specimen and chill the knife. It was an art, not a science, you had to ensure that the tissue was frozen enough to stick to the horizontal chuck, by blasting it with the gas, and that the knife was a few degrees warmer so you could cut a section. Try it sometime.

South Africa.

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