[Histonet] Control block and slide management

Angie Domenick amdomenick <@t> yahoo.com
Thu Mar 23 13:33:34 CST 2006

We write on a log sheet when we notice a particular set of control slides is getting low.  The person who notices there are only about 10 or so slides left in the box writes down on the log the name of the control needed, the date, how many are left and their initials.  Then as someone has some down time during the day, they can cut a new batch.  They write down on the log how many slides they cut and the date they were done along with their initials.  As for control blocks, there are only a few of us who look up old cases for new controls when we start running out of blocks.  We don't really have a system but we try to keep several blocks for each control in a box in the numerical order that corresponds to our antibody and special stain list.    
                                                                Angie Domenick

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