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   I am a Med Tech who works in Histology.  Th   receive is a definite asset in the Histology fiel   are  in  immunology,  chemistry, hematology and micro   which  overlap into Histo.  That said, I do not think t   should  receive  the management positions over certified Histot   The  position  should  go to the person best suited for the job, a   many  times  it is the Histotech that is better qualified.  I do beli   eve though, that the Histotech should be certified.

   Jennifer MacD
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     Hello everyone.
     I  would appreciate any feedback from those of you who may have had
          They  would  be trained as his     them
     into  Anatomic Pathology (     Candid  comments  welcome,  especially     histology!
     To  me  it  would  be  like  trying       fireman,
     it's a career, not a job, right?
     We  see  a HT shortage in the Chicago area, but I am unsure how     address
     Degreed individuals have proven      traditional  education  pathway,  so I see t     ignore
     very   capable   HT   managers   with   proven   manage     organizational
     skills  via  non  traditional pathways  is bec     me.
     I mean it's not like Non degreed HT's are st     Thank you
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