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meint002 meint002 <@t> umn.edu
Thu Mar 16 10:41:36 CST 2006

Dear Histos,

I am trying to make a Gram's Iodine solution (1g iodine, 2g potassium iodide,
100ml distilled water to start)and I can't get the iodine to go into
solution.  If I use a stir bar the iodine is attracted to the magnet and
doesn't come off.  I've also tried heat and that doesn't seem to work either.
 All the text books I've looked at say shake until dissolved.  Tried that,
the iodine just sits in the bottom of the beaker and nothing.

I don't remember having this problem before in school.  All suggestions are
welcome.  Thanks in advance.

Joyce Meints

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