[Histonet] frozen sections

Helen Beard hbeard27 <@t> hotmail.com
Tue Mar 7 04:50:24 CST 2006

   I  have been given some stored mouse brains (-70C), that were fixed by
   paraformaldehyde  perfusion, cryosectioned, wrapped in foil and stored
   for  about  a  year. A couple of attempts at IHC on previously cut and
   stored frozen  sections  and freshly cut sections have resulted in the
   sections  floating off at various stages. The blocks were difficult to
   cut (?tissue dried out) with the sections being picked up on silanised
   slides.  I  tried  air  drying  for  1 hour & air dry/cold acetone/air
   drying prior to IHC.

   Should  I  air dry for an extended period, try super frost plus slides
   or  is  the fact that the tissue may have dried out causing most of my
   difficulties? Any  suggestions  as  to  how I can prevent the sections
   floating off during IHC would be greatly appreciated.


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