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Mon Mar 6 10:15:50 CST 2006

Hi Brandi:
  When you recycle alcohol or xylene, you will get alcohol and xylene without the impurities (water, dissolved paraffin, tissue fats) and you will be able to use them again in any of your different protocols (iether processing or ataining).
  When you recycle used formalin, you will get back formalin in solution but without the buffer salts. This means that you will have to add the salts again, and will be exposed to the hazards of preparing NBF and that is probably why you bought the NBF from a vendor in the first place (at least that was my case).
  Recycling alcohol takes about twice the time as recycling xylene. For all the above considerations it was why I only recycled xylene, never alcohol and for sure would never even attempt to recycle formalin.
  Our recycler was paid off in less than 3 years time just by recycling xylene.
  I hope this will help you.
  René J.

Brandi Farris <bfarris <@t> bjc.org> wrote:
  Our histology laboratory is looking at recycler from CBG that processes
alcohol, xylene and formalin and we're interested in feedback and
answers from users of the system. Are there any fumes with the recycler
while it is processing formalin? Can we use the recycled formalin for
patient specimens or is it for use only on the processor?Will you please
tell us the cost and procedure for buffering? Can you estimate about how
much tech time is spent with the system? Your response is appreciated.

Thank you,
Brandi Farris
Boone Hospital Center
Columbia, MO 65201

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