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<Scratches head>

But that's what I said? Anyway, best way of dealing with material from a LN
is to express it into Cytyc or SurePath preservation fluid then produce a
LBC sample from it using the machine; but you can't do air dried.

You can look at it, perform ICC and do almost what ever you want.

It's a bit like drowning the dogs, getting a taxidermist to stuff them and
you will recognise your old friend right away right away, but it won't fly;
sorry stuck in an analogy time warp.

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Hi Lorie,
  For a lymphoma I express the material on a single slide. I will pick up
  slide touch it to the material and then smear that material  onto a third
slide. If 
  there is more than two slides worth of material, quickly keep picking up
  and smearing it onto additional slides. If not, make a final smear on
whats left on 
  the first slide. Either fix the smears instantly in 95%etoh and do H&E
and/or air dry and do a diff quick. Both fixed and air dried are useful and
it is worth making both. Rinse the syringe in RPMI. It is important to learn
the right amount 
  of material for each slide. Too much will give poor morphology. A good
smear can 
  be made even with very little material but making good smears is a skill
   takes  practice. It must be done very evenly with little more pressure
than it takes 
  to run the slides over each other. One can't press too hard or too soft.
If you find
   a good sample under the microscope,  ask if possible for a second pass to
   in RPMI for flow. If not, hopefully you syringe rinse will have some
material. But do 
  not count on it unless you had recognizable material left in the syringe
after your
   first expression on the slide. If quick review of the slide does not show

  enough material for diagnosis ask for another pass and start again. If you
want to 
  call me I can give you more details on making smears than my poor typing

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