[Histonet] CLIA REGS

Roxanne Soto godsgirlnow <@t> msn.com
Fri Mar 3 06:38:40 CST 2006

   Would  someone  from  CLIA  (or someone who knows the CLIA regs inside
   and  out)  please  contact  regarding  grossing  of tissue-----what is
   grossing  per  se--does measuring cores and putting them in a cassette
   count  as  grossing?   What  education level doesn one have to have in
   order to do this in the state of Florida?  We are in desperate need of
   lab  aides,  but  our  lab  aides  have always had BS degrees and they
   "gross" out prostate cores.......
   Thanks in advance
   Roxanne Soto

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