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Histo Net, 
Climbs upon his American, gun-toting soap-box....
Let the Friday flaming begin. This is not meant to offend any one nationality. I usually just pick up tid-bits of information from the histonet, and ignore all the usual comments or flamings. 
However, maybe the wording was not meant to be what I interpret it as, but...
1) We were not "made" independent from anyone. No other country, or king, gave us our independence. We fought for it. I served in our armed forces for 6 years active duty, including the "first" gulf "conflict" as it is referred to. I fly an American flag in my front yard and do my best to explain to my children each time we take it down and burn it (Yes, you SHOULD burn the American flag when it is worn out, and no longer usable...it represents our country, a living, breathing entity) that many men, and women, have died so that the people in our nation, and others, may vote for our representatives both locally and nationally, say what we want, when we want, come and go throughout our country and the world as we please, all without the fear of any retaliation when we lay our heads down at night to sleep because of it.
2) I'm not saying that anyone should be sad, but in less than 230 years, the US did GAIN it's independence, survive a brief civil war, establish a free, and hopefully, equal society, spearhead many of the industrial revolution ideas (That cotton gin thing really had the world stumped, didn't it?) and create the most sophisticated military the planet has ever known. Yes, we do have our problems...The elderly, poor, and many children do not have access to adequate health care.
3) I do believe that Diana Goodwin stated, and I quote, "Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans!" Why respond at all if it doesn't apply to you?
4) Let all of my fellow Americans remember ALL the soldiers this weekend that are currently scattered throughout the world. Many are in places and battles that we will never know about.
Climbs down off his soapbox, gets some BBQ to eat, and is ready for fireworks.
Dennis Hahn
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Question? Can we say 'Happy Independence Day'? It was from us you were made
independent from, so should we be sad?

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