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Tue Jun 27 16:55:25 CDT 2006


    For over two years now, we have had "R2D2" sitting on the floor of
our lab so it can circulate the air while removing the wonderful
perfumes that histology is well known for.  The comments/complaints have
decreased so much that other departments are clamoring for our $1500.00
solution. Additional filters are $449 each.  We got this through
ml-MarketLab JL9390 for the Air Filtration System with Filter.
Replacement Filter is JL9266. 
www.MarketLabInc.com or 1.800.237.3604.  Now, we very rarely have a
complaint from someone about the odors; so that says it is working well.
We leave it on 24/7 at the medium setting.  The high setting stirs up
too much dust for me allergies.

sharon osborn
DNAX, SP BioPharma
Palo Alto, CA

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Subject: [Histonet] Air Purifier for Xylene
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Dear Netters, 

Has anyone used an air purifier made specifically for formaldehyde and
xylene fumes?  I know Newcomer Supply has started distributing the
system.  Does anyone have any feedback on the Newcomer system or any
other air purifying system?
Thanks for your feedback,
Tom Galati
Laboratory Director
HSRL, Inc.- A GLP Compliant Contract Laboratory
5930 Main Street
Mount Jackson, Virginia  22842
Fax: 540.477.4448
tomgalati <@t> hsrl.org

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