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  This is how I feel about it:
  along the workflow in histology perhaps the position with the highest judgemental decision level is the one corresponding to the MACROSCOPIC selection of a piece of tissue for diagnostic purposes.
  Whenever somebody has to judge, evaluate and decide what to process for diagnosis that somebody has to have not only knowledge and experience but great responsibility.
  Any action that resembles this level of decision making should be reserved to well trained personnel like Pathologists, Pathology Residents and Pathology Assistants. In my view point nobody else should be allowed to take the decision of selecting one piece of tissue over another for diagnosis.
  This step in the workflow could lead to the worst type of diagnostic result, the FALSE NEGATIVE that, in my personal opinion, is the worst wrong diagnosis.
  In your question you cannot be sure if there is some macroscopic pathology that could end unidentified by the histotech. Unless the whole sample is put through to process, the histotechs should not be involved in any step dealing with selecting a part of the sample over another to be processed.
  This is just my opinion and hope it will help you in your question.
  René J.

"Garcia, Amanda" <Amanda.Garcia <@t> TriadHospitals.com> wrote:
This question is related somewhat to the question of allowing a lab
assistant to "cassette" tissue specimens. Where do qualification issues
fall regarding weighing and measuring placentas and rolling the fetal
membranes and cutting a piece and placing in a cassette? Is this ok for
HT's to perform?
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