Fri Jun 23 12:21:22 CDT 2006

       Do any of you have experience with the HOPE fixative  from DCS,
novative Diagnostik-Systeme from Hamburg, Germany?  One of our
researchers brought the article to show me and ask if we can use only
the HOPE I for frozen tissues and do OCT blocks, etc.  The HOPE II if
equal parts of the HOPE I and ice cold acetone to do dehydration
processing into low tem. paraffin for paraffin embedding.  HOPE is
Hepes-Glutamic Acid Buffer Mediated Organic Solvent Protection Effect.
It does not kill any bugs, etc. It does not completely denature
structural proteins, enzymes and nuclec acids.


Sharon Osborn B.S. HT(ASCP)CT
DNAX, Schering-Plough BioPharma
Palo, Alto, CA

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