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  The reasoning behind bleaching one section and continue with Fontana Masson, is the same as digesting with diastase a section and doing PAS afterwards.
  The diastase digested, as well as the melanin bleached section, would be known "negative" controls, to be run at the same time as a known positive control with the case.
  Hope this will help you!
  René J.

Celebre Julia <celebrej <@t> HHSC.CA> wrote:
  Hello all you histo experts, here's a question for you.

We are having a discussion regarding melanin, whether after the bleaching step should you follow thru with the Masson Fontana silver method or not. Some say yes... some say no... Those of us that say yes feel that that's how one can tell if it's melanin or not.. Those that say no, feel that it's a waste of time because if the pigment is no longer in the bleached section obviously it must've been melanin.. There's also some that feel if you run the bleached section thru the silver method, you may get precipitate, or false positives?? 

Opinions anyone???

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