[Histonet] Histonet] Same Day Breast Biopsy Results

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I fully agree with Charles. I will add one bit of advice to keep in mind. You 
  will make most of your mistakes when you are being rushed or interrupted. 
  That goes for cutting yourself grossing or at the microtome. So when you are 
  cutting, and someone comes up behind you to push or distract you, put down the scalpel or get away from the microtome blade. 
  When a surgeon rushes me in the OR I tell him he made me nervous and now I
   have to go to the bathroom and will take another ten minutes. If somebody tries to rush a process that is already being done at the correct speed, ask them if they would like a fast answer, or whether they are willing to wait for the correct answer. 
  They will get the message.
  Thanks Charles. 

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