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Tue Jun 20 18:02:33 CDT 2006

Greetings All,

Recently there were a few postings on the subject of "online histology programs" and the Darton college came up.  I went to the website ( http://www.darton.edu/programs/AlliedHealth/hist/index.php ) but I could not find any information about online options for their program.  Could anybody supply further information on this possibilitiy?

My current situation is that I just completed a two-term "introduction to histologic techniques" through a community college in my area.   There is not an accredited one or two year program leading directly to certification in my whole state or I would have certainly considered taking that route.  The program that I did go through does qualify me to take the ASCP exam after a year of on-the-job experience however.  The dilemma I seem to be facing though is that most of the places in my metro area are looking of already seasoned histotechs with certification.

Openings are coming up so infrequently in my area that I am having to start thinking about moving to get experience under my belt.  If I have to move, I was thinking that perhaps there might be some international aid organizations (NGO?) or other means of volunteer or paid service outside the US that I could also consider.

If anybody has leads on the above idea or encouragement for me I would sure appreciate it.  I am somewhat worried that the rather expensive program I went through was a bit of a mirage on employability after completion.

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