[Histonet] Leica Microscope for Sale

Shirley Chu Shirley.Chu <@t> moldev.com
Tue Jun 20 10:48:19 CDT 2006

I am listing this for a friend.  Please contact Ted Choi directly if you
are interested or have any questions.  Thanks!
Leica DMRE microscope with motorized focus, DIC, fluorescence, cooled
CCD imaging and 7 objectives, in excellent condition. Asking price is
Scope configuration:
Leica DMRE base (888033), motor focus base.
HC Plan 10X/25 eyepieces (507800)
20X Ph1 (506098)
N Plan 2.5X/0.7 (506083)
HC Plan Fluotar 10x/.3 (506505)
HC Plan Fluotar 20x/.5 (506503)
HC Plan Fluotar 40x/.7 (506504)
HCX Plan Apo L40X/.8 (506155)
HCX Plan Apo 63X/1.32-.6 oil (506081)
DIC and Fluorescence illumination (N2.1, A, I3 cubes) LEP HBO100 arc
lamp power supply, Trinocular phototube head, Diagnostics Instruments
coupler RT SPOT Color Cooled CCD Camera Model 2.2.0/power supply/pci

Photos can be found at www. <http://www.labx.com> labx.com ad number
288782 (or just search for "leica dmre")

Ted Choi, PhD
Predictive Biology, Inc.
505 Coast Blvd
La Jolla, CA 92037
main: 858-964-3793
fax: 858-964-0659
tchoi <@t> predictivebio.com

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